Māori Dvorak Keyboard layout

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Unfortunately, my hands have started flaring up when I’m typing for long periods. This happened to me towards the end of my degree and I got past it by switching to Dvorak. What the heck is Dvorak you ask? Well, rather than asdf being the keys under your left hand, its aoeu. These guys explain it quite well, but the net effect is your fingers don’t have to move as much to type, so I don’t get quite so sore.

All well and good, Dvorak is built into Windows, Mac, and Linux so it’s easy enough to switch across. But, I’m in my 2nd year of learning Te Reo Māori (kia ora ngā hoa!) and that means I need macrons so I can spell Tāhunanui properly.

Windows doesn’t come with language combinations for Dvorak as far as I’m aware, but happily I found that Brett Taylor had alread come across this issue. Only trouble is it was quite a while ago, and the installer he provided doesn’t work with Windows 10.

I found that Microsoft have published an updated version of the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator tool and used it to create an updated installer.

To save you the hassle, I’ve saved it here for you to download and install.

Now you can kōrerorero i te wānanga-nanga!