Tasting Notes: Peturbed Owl Porter

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I brewed this beer a few weeks ago and it was the first one I went to town with water additions on. The water supply I’m using is filtered rain water, so is pretty similar to distilled water. For a porter I really wanted to get the water profile right.

Here’s how I’d score it. Note: I’m not a beer judge, this is mainly to try and improve myself 😊

Aroma: 6/12

Strong malt aroma. Hops not detectable. Smoky/Toasty chocolate and vanila flavours. Nothing unpleasant, but I’d prefer the aroma was a bit stronger

Appearance: 3/3

Dark red/brown. Clarity is difficult to tell due to the color. Nice head retention Beer

Flavour: 15/20

This is the hardest one for me to rate, so this is just what comes to mind when I’m tasting:

Earthy. Carabel. Smoke and wood. Chocolate. Spicy.

I like the flavour, so 🤷‍♀️

Mouth feel: 4/5

Mouth feel is nice and creamy. Slightly too alcoholic I think. There is a warming aftertaste. Carbonation is fine. Balance is grain-forward, which is good for the style.

Overall Impression: 8/10

I really quite like this beer. When I brew it again I think I want to get some stronger aromas but I’d also like to drop the alcohol down a level to make it more sessionable.

Total: 36/50

Cheers! 🍻