Brew Day: NZ IPA

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Today I’m brewing a beer for my old man’s 60th birthday, happening at the end of May. He’s quite fond of IPAs so today we’re brewing an NZ IPA.

The recipe is based off the GladField NZ IPA in their latest malt catalogue, but it was tweaked a bit to suit the volume I need and also use up some of my existing hops.



Batch size 21L
Target OG 1.069
Recorded OG 1.072
Target FG 1.014
Recorded FG tba
Estimated alcohol 7.3%
Actual alcohol tba
Fermentation temp 19.4°C
Fermentation time 14 days


Water in Grainfather 21.8L
Water in sparge heater 11.6L
Gladfield American Ale Malt 5.78kg
Gladfield Wheat Malt 0.58kg
Gladfield Toffee Malt 0.29kg
Gladfield Sour Grapes Malt 0.14kg
Nelson Sauvin - 60 min 27g
Nelson Sauvin - 15 min 23g
Nelson Sauvin - 5 min 12g
Southern Cross - 5 min 12g
Pacific Jade - 5 min 12g
Lallemand BRY-97 2 pack
Pacifica - Dry hop 2 days 22g
Southern Cross - Dry hop 2 days 22g

My last brew I was really far down on my efficiency - only 65%. To try and counter this, I mashed for 90 minutes instead of 30. Today I actually forgot to turn on the sparge water heater until about 10 minutes before I was due to sparge so the actual mash time was probably more like 100 minutes!

The good news is this seemed to fix my efficiency. Unfortunately, I only managed to get just less than 20L into the fermenter. This is a reasonably common issue so I think I’m going to start adding a litre or two of water into the Grainfather above the calculations from the website.

The only issue I’m having with my equipment is I got some longer tubing for the chiller but they’re too thin and bend too much when the hot wort flows through which blocks the pipe. The solution for now is a rake handle. A rake handle helps keep the wort flowing

Other than that, all good! The brewery cat Maiki seemed happy enough with the proceedings.